morning after he died,
I stare at red willows
wonder why they’re so beautiful


already vanishing
this snow as it falls—
best start kissing now


this old idea—
I slipped it on like a silk dress
lined with glue

In a book,
in the fridge,
in your eyes,
at the edge,
at the altar,
in the sky,
on the mountain,
in the night,
in a song,
in a kiss,
with a
in the sea,
on a shelf—
of myself.

While I sit fully stopped
at the white line
my thoughts rev and race
around the next four corners

and before my foot
even pressures the accelerator,
those thoughts are already walking
with a little lilt and a whistle
right through your front door.

What Matters

in empty branches
the red-wing blackbirds
chirrup and trill—
is she a woman who is listening to them
if so, she has, for now at least, forgotten

Like an empty bowl,
like a submarine,
like a mirror, like a tooth,
like a tambourine,
like a pen or a puddle,
or a maker of hay,
like a rusty machine,
like a fiancé,
or as if you speak
in eddies of river,
or as if you’re an arrow
just pulled from the quiver;
like shoes without laces
thrown into the corner,
like rain, like a scalpel,
like a barbed wire border,
like a guillotine,
like witch hazel blooms,
like a horse, like blue,
like an unsung tune,
like a poem that doesn’t
know how it will end,
like a leap or a stone,
like an open hand.

yet another note to self

funny how much more beautiful it was
when I thought it was a hawk riding the air,
that crow

Hi Poetry Friends,

I will be teaching a very special four-day workshop for women the last week of February. My partner, Brucie Holler, is an incredible painter, and she and I have created a program designed to help you play, to break through any limitations you place on your own creativity, and to really grow as an artist/poet and woman. No previous writing or painting experience is necessary … and experts welcome, too! We are ready to welcome all women into a big conversation about what it means to be a woman, what it is to have a voice, to be a creator, a maker of beauty and a demolisher of walls …

Join us in Telluride! here’s the link:



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