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F Equals

At the campfire, Sam’s father
tells me that Newton’s Second Law

is not always true. I add it to
my growing list of rules to not

depend on. Let’s say in this equation,
the woman is the mass. This is,

of course, a private joke, and
she can laugh about how inconsistent

the mass might be. Fix her to a moment, then,
say that Sunday morning when her kitchen

smelled of apples simmering whitely on the stove,
the steam of the giant canning pot filled

the room with warmth. Let’s say the force
is the voice of the man as he says

the words he knows she hates to hear.
The force is soft spoken and low. Then a equals

the increasing rate at which the woman’s heart races
then runs from the room, though her body still stands

behind the green counter, stirring the simmering fruit.
And a is the increasing rate at which her tears fall.

And a is the rate of the wind as it moves the storm closer
to the walls of the house where the kitchen is warming.

And a is the rate at which the mass learns yet again
that she must be her own bliss.

And what has happened to value m? There is less
of her now than the equation might suggest.

I believe you, I say to Sam’s dad. The fire
snaps between us. The leaves rustle

in the wind. In a perfect world, I could
measure them. In a perfect world, I wonder

what happens to the force.

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