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Kindness is invincible.

—Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 11.18.ix



And though I barely know her,

she met me on the street to give me

a small bottle of perfume. Scent of rose,

amber, white musk, scent of friendship

just beginning, scent of how we might choose

to meet each other—with the wisdom

of blossoms, opening. Already

I’m dreaming of ways to continue

her mischievous generosity,

imagining how each act will carry

a hint of citrus, rose, precious wood.

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that old crow,
perhaps he spoke first
with you


removing the clothes
from my thoughts—someone
left the gate open


out the window
I see only where the cottonwood
does not stand


dew on my song
have I really been singing
this long?

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Not one leaf left,
not one green thing.
Even the algal pools
beside the river
hinge toward brown.

The grass, brown.
The empty tomato vines,
brown. Even the bindweed
on the fence. Dead
and brittle and brown.

There is still a moon,
though, and it shines
when it isn’t in hiding.
Like tonight. The moon hasn’t yet risen
but I can look east

where it’s just as black
as the west, as the north and south,
and I know for certain
it’s not about prayer or hope,
it’s just a question of time.

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