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Remember when you first felt a tug of desire? “With Red Thread” is a track on DARK PRAISE, a spoken-word album that honors the dark and how it opens us to creativity, passion, intimacy, revelation, dreaming, receptivity, self-discovery and connection. As I explore in this poem, there are ways the dark sets the stage for intimacy–in this case, a first kiss. You can purchase the whole album here. You can listen to it and download it for free on Spotify or iTunes or wherever you listen to music. And you can see all the videos we’ve released so far on my youtube channel here. Thanks to my amazing guitar player partner Steve Law who produced the album. Please share the video and listen to the songs! 

Poetry by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer
Music by Steve Law
Art by Marisa S. White
Video by Tony Jeannette

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It was Sam who,
that summer before fourth grade,
danced with me
at the church camp dance
and asked me to walk
outside with him.
“It’s hot,” he said.
“Let’s go look at the stars.”
And I, who did not yet
understand the sweet cramping
that tendrilled deep in my gut when
Sam held my hand, said yes.
We stood there a long time,
me looking out at the stars
because that is what
we were there to do.
The night was the color
of Wisconsin violets, crushed,
and Sam, still holding
my hand murmured low, “Oh,
look over there,”
and, when I turned
my feathered head, he leaned
in quick and close
and kissed my astonished lips.
Even thirty-five years later,
I am still somewhat
unprepared as I write
what happened next,
how he sprinted away,
a gleesome hart,
how I stood there, still,
my lips apart, the soft
hands of the night
still holding the most tender
parts of me as they spilled
like fruit no one knew
was yet ripe, and the sharp
stitch of longing
so new to me
sewed itself
into my breath.

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