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Time lost its shoes.
            —Pablo Neruda, “Too Many Names,” version by Anthony Kerrigan
And if the day
has lost its shoes
that doesn’t mean
it won’t walk barefoot
toward midnight.
Yes, even if it loses its feet,
the day will still crawl—
will slither till its raw
if that’s what it takes—
to make it to tomorrow.
Some days this feels
like a threat, but today,
that certainty, old
and Jurassic-slow as it is,
is the only thing
that keeps me
moving my own feet
toward the next hour.
And the next. And
the next.

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One Consolation




today in the trees

and in the gray March sky

not one heron—

today enough to know

sometimes there are herons

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for Valerie, after reading her Facebook post of “your little voice” by e.e. cummings

dear girl
your voice
not at all little
but cumulonimbly blooming
out of silence
how crazy
I was
when all day
that flat impertinent
battery, no,
would not would not
transform air
into leaps
of conversing we;
it wouldcouldn’t
spring nor sprang
nor sprunk from its death
and I, petal eared,
my stirrups giddy-up-less,
awaited the rain
of your words
but I was left
left un-
and altogether
too , too

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