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Tonight, I want to break into the fortune cookie factory

armed with millions of tiny rectangular papers

that I’d surreptitiously slip into the thin folded wafers.

You will say five nice things in the next hour, says one.

And, You’ll bake something nice for your neighbor.

Every fortune will predict a generosity of spirit.

A grudge you’ve been gripping will disappear.

Gratitude for the smallest things will flood you.

And on the back, it will acknowledge that to make

any number lucky, you’ll simply write a check

using that number to a local charity—

the more zeroes you add to the number,

the luckier that number will be.

Or, perhaps a better idea:

fill each cookie with a blank slip of paper—

some small scrap of potential that invites every person

to write their own fortune, lets them feel

like the author of their own destiny. In fact, here.

Here’s a pen. And a very small white page.

You don’t even need the cookie.

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I wanted to believe

the fortune cookie,

wanted success to come

as easily as crunching

through a tasteless wafer.

I carried the red message

in my wallet for months,

as if to remind myself

of my great impending success.

How curious, the gap

between the life we want

and the life we have.

Finding the small white scrap

last week, I set it on my sink

and read it again and again

as I brushed my teeth

then stepped out into the world

without it, ready to write

my own fortune, my pockets

unabashedly empty, each

next step its own trove

of unusual riches.

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