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One Time Warp




leaning into a wind

from twenty years ago—

still tugging tears from my eyes

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reading again
that yellowing letter
you never sent me

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the thousandth peach
tasting it
as if it were the first

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eating the peach
I bite into six years ago
another peach


and every shard of me
gasps love, love

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Using the Last Bit of Red Onion Left by Rachel

Lost for weeks in the corner of the crisper drawer,
it appears just in time to save the carrot soup.

One large hunk of red onion, partially used, still good.
I get nostalgic, remembering how Rachel, gone for three weeks,

served it with eggs, and though I didn’t eat them
I remember how delicious the kitchen smelled then.

It is her hand that chose it, her hand that sliced the rings.
I laugh at my own nostalgia. But I miss her, the all of her,

the giggling on the couch with her, the singing in the car,
cayenne and hot chocolate late night, poems, wine.

And slicing the onion, thinking about how Rachel she is,
it is right somehow that I should start to cry.

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spinning on the tilt-a-whirl
scent of tomato leaves
still on my hands

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