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Somewhere inside the chirpy ditty

is an urgency. I hear it now, the hunger,

the way a woman who has spent thirty days

in the rain would long for the sun.

The way someone given only lemonade

for a week would crave a glass of water.

Judy Garland, Debbie Reynolds—

you found the sweetness in the song,

a cotton candy playfulness.

But Diana, you found the arching ache

and rendered it beautiful for even

the most satisfied woman.

The tempo, unstriving. The truth

in the need to take a breath

midsentence. Tonight, I cook

the king boletes in cream.

There is something of desire in them,

the way the sherry sings like a second melody

inside the earthy taste. Diana croons behind me,

summer, autumn, winter, spring,

and I feel the urge to breathe inside my breath,

the need to stir the sauce slower, slower.



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