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Once connected, objects affect one another forever no matter where they are.
—Bell’s Theorem

I suppose, my dear, what Mr. Bell
was not trying to say explicitly, although
he surely knew it was implied,
is that you are forever stuck with me,
with my sake-drinking, poem-loving,
unable-to-fix-a-snowblower energy.
And by forever he means forever. Long after
our bodies are gone, whatever streams
of energy still go on, well, our streams
will be invisibly connected even after the sun
burns out and the earth is dimmed or blown to bits.
No decay or divorce or desire or distance will change it.
It isn’t of course that simple. Although it is.
Particle. Wave. Nothing basic is ever easy to explain.
Though somewhere in your individual electrons
you know it is true. I’m not trying to be creepy.
I’m just saying that some things we get to choose
and some things are already done.
Like the fact that we are connected forever.
Like the fact that Friday is Valentine’s Day,
and no matter who you are with or where you are,
we’ll be celebrating it together.

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