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One Continuous Practice



stitching my heart

to the moment

with purple string—

the moment slipping out

of every stitch

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Out the kitchen window, my daughter

scales the cottonwood tree, winds

her way up the inner branches.


Feeling my eyes, she turns to smile at me,

her gaze entered by light.

The tree is bare, the buds in gray hoods,


though soon there will be a riot of quivering green.

So much in us still waits to arrive,

though in moments such as this,


there are no other moments, only this one

fluttering wild in our breast, not even trying

to balance the emptiness, with our hearts so full.



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Look what happens
given warmth
given light—

deep fields of shining bloom

and every moment

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Let’s Meet There

there is a moment
like water
beaded on the icicle
just before it

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