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Like a pomegranate, full

of hidden seeds.

That’s what they say

about a woman’s mind.

What they don’t know is

exactly how juicy

those seeds might be,

how full of sweetness,

how red, how if they

were planted, the world

would never look

the same again.

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I thought I knew what love was,
and picked it from the tree—
red and smooth, hard, round
filled with ruby seeds.

I picked it ripe and lovely,
I cupped it in my hands
but did not want to spill its juice
or tear its flawless skin.

And so I set it in a bowl
to admire it on the table
and I admired till I did not,
until I forgot to see it.

And the skin began to wither,
turned to leathered, sunken rind,
and the color lapsed to dullish rust
and the ruby seeds inside—

I never knew their sweetness,
never tasted their garnet juice.
What became of the weight of love,
this love I thought I knew?

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