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   Tonight, instead of serving pie,
 I serve the memory of pie—
    serve the memory of pumpkins
 we grew in the garden
     then processed into custard.
         Serve the memory of years
  we made gluten-free crusts.
      Serve the memory of your rhubarb plant
     that will rise more robust this spring,
   memory of thinly sliced apples,
     key limes, lemon merengue,
        and all those tart cherries
         we harvested together.
       I serve the joy we shared
         in celebrating a constant
   necessary to the geometry of the world.
  I serve the thrill in knowing
   there is something
        both transcendental and infinite,
    something death can never touch,
      something ubiquitous that defines
  the world we inhabit.
      And though it is math,
    it is no less love,
   something that helps us
   understand our universe,
        something that hints
   at the grand design
  that amidst great catastrophe
       continues to hold it all together.

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Twelve minutes after I put
the pumpkin pie in the oven
I saw the two brown eggs
still sitting on the counter.
There are times it’s not too late—
when we still might see the loved one
if we go now,
still might catch that plane
if we just keep running,
still might save that friendship
if we pick up the phone
still might stave disappointment
if we pull that pie from the oven,
pour out soupy filling back in the bowl,
blend in the eggs.
How rich it tastes, that second chance
infused as it is with the risk of loss,
served perhaps with whipped cream,
the custard so sweet, so spicy.

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Two Just Desserts




crimping the edges

of the pie crust as if

the world depends on it




hiding a key

inside the scent of baking apples—

hoping you’ll use it with me



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