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Country Verse

I said I’d never love you,

I said I’d never change.

I said I’d never open up

those bolted doors again.

I said I’d never promise

something like forever,

well, goodbye what I thought would be

and hello, hello never.


Real Verse

I said I’d never write a novel,

only poetry.

I said I’d never wear a dress,

now just look at me.

I said I’d never curse the rain

no matter how bad the weather.

Well goodbye what I thought I knew,

and hello, hello never.


The Bridge

Yeah, never comes around much more

than happy ever afters—

life sure gets more curious

the more I meet my nevers


Food Verse

I said I’d never eat mayonnaise

no potato chips for me.

I said I’d never eat fried food—

too many calories.

But deviled eggs taste fabulous,

and French fries even better.

Goodbye skinny waist and thighs

and hello, hello never.


Said I’d never write a country song

well hello, hello never.

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Then comes the day

when whatever street

you’re walking on

has you on one side

and your never

on the other and

the two of you meet

right there on the dotted

yellow line and there’s

not a damned thing

you can do to

stop it put its arms

around you, and

you don’t even

have to say yes,

it just happens.

It just happens.

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