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These Hot Days

And when at last
the breeze comes
on the breath of night,
the whole body sings
with the chill of it—
craves the cool lick
of sharp tongues
on the skin, the bite
of the distant storm.
Touch me here,
says my flesh,
as if I’ve been waiting
all day for my lover—
here, touch me here.
And it feels so good
when the wind slips in
and does what a breeze will do,
but the wanting—
I notice how it, too,
has something
painfully beautiful
to teach me.

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On the Coals of Grief

It’s not that the bare feet
wanted to walk on coals.
They didn’t. They wanted
to walk on a beach
where the clear water
would rush up
and cool them
whenever the ground
got too hot.
The bare feet feel heavy.
They want to sink
into the sand
and stay there.
But coals it is.
No use asking why.
The question is
how to walk the walk
they’ve been given,
because today,
getting stuck hurts.
It’s all up to you.
the coals seem to say.
If you sink in here
you will burn
so dance light,
be light.

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