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so I build a fence

with hinges on every post

every gate unlocked

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for parents of teenagers everywhere



planting flowers

all along the fence—

the fence is no less sturdy


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One Sermon




beneath the meadowlark,

the fencepost turns pulpit—

praise, praise, praise

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Like Today

Sometimes the fences
of our thoughts fall down
and in that open meadow,

we know ourselves as each other.
In these moments,
we are overcome by tenderness,

and it is impossible to imagine
anything but love.
Any positions we had,

any delusions of me versus you
any stances of defensiveness or blame
evaporate. In those moments,

we give our everything to each other,
and there is no difference between
pain and joy and fear and courage—

it is all one immense feeling
that moves through us just as wind
moves through blades of grass

all waving as one immense field.
In these moments, which are perhaps
equally forever and now,

there is nothing to figure out,
nothing to plan, nothing to build
and nothing to learn. Though when

the fences are up, it’s almost impossible
to imagine it could ever be like this.
so impossible to imagine not staking in

just one more post, just one more rail.

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I love the way that Catherine Ghosh, editor of Journey of the Heart, asks authors to include little paragraphs about the poems that they’ve write. I like reading them on her site, and today got to include one of my own about a recent poem. And then she adds such lovely photographs to go with the work, though this time one of the pictures, the one of the garden gate, is one that I took of the garden that inspired this poem.


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Picket and vinyl,
wattle, wire,
hedgerow, concrete,
electric, iron,

post and rail,
chain link, stockade
zig zag, spear top,

barbed wire, round pole,
dry-stone wall,
see them fall,
see them fall,

see them fall.

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