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Whatever It Is

Any firecracker
could tell you
it is not meant
to last. A squeal,
a whistle, a smear
of light, shimmer
and bang and pop.
And then it is over.
It’s one of those things
we don’t want
to talk about. Rather
to believe it goes
on and on, that our
children will always
be happy and young
and we will be happy
and young-ish, too,
and perpetually falling
in love. Yes, of course,
I will hush. We do not
need to speak of these
things—not now while
the band is playing
that song we like to hum,
not now while we can still
write our names
on the night with sparklers
and for a moment the letters
hang in the air, their patterns
imprinted on our eyes
long after we close them.

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