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Whatever it is inside the larkspur

that says grow, grow, grow,

I want to know it, too. Want

to obey the voice that urges me on,

even in frost, even in rain.

I want to rise out of my own dried debris,

want to know how it is to die and return,

new and yet somehow the same.

And what is it that fuels the drive?

I want to know that— the divine

encouragement that knows

when to wait, when to push,

when to wilt, when to flourish,

when to swell into oh! bright bloom.

I want to know myself as wick,

to be lit, to be the fire itself.

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praise the larkspur

grown so tall, so heavy with bloom

it breaks at its base,

but oh, how it grew,

it grew

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One Sincerity




just outside my window

larkspur erupts

into generous blue—

in me blossoms

an old prayer

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Two Discoveries

in your voice
looking for the color
of larkspur,
finding only
a broken stem


oh silly woman
who thinks she is
a woman
when she is an entire
universe, a larkspur

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