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Beyond Words

for Daisy

And though I expect the bride
to say I do, I don’t expect her
to say it with such sweet candor,
both syllables thrumming as if
they each have a heartbeat of their own.
I do, she trills, thrilling in the promise
to have, to hold,
to love from this day forward.
Her voice is a meadowlark,
a bright flush of wing and song,
and what can I do but laugh
and weep into that golden moment
when I and the others gathered
know ourselves not just as witnesses
but as the lucky wind
that touches such beauty
then lifts it up for the world to see.  

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Getting Messy

I like when

your eyes haze

with mystery

so I know myself

more sculpturally

and remember

how to brow,

how to jowl,

how to cheek.

I like when

we lip,

more smear

less line,

when we belief

less tidy,

more smudge

more shine.

I love when we

smile through

shadowy mess—

when we face

less certain,

more suggest.

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