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How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.        

—Annie Dillard



I want to spend my life

cheering for young girls as they learn

what they are capable of, learn

to trust themselves and each other,

learn to become a team. I want

to spend my life looking for new ways

to say, “I am thrilled with who

you are becoming.” I want to support

other women’s daughters, all of them,

some of them with my own hands.

It’s so easy, really. A glass of water,

a hug, a word, a shoulder, a nod.

And if days are our currency, let me

spend them giving as much love

as possible, though it sounds

like a cheer, though it feels like a pat

on the back, though it looks like

a bagel, a headband, a double thumbs up.


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After they save the world, the girls

know there will be ice cream cake.

But first, they decorate and don their sparkling masks.

They be-jeweled and glue flowers onto flowing white capes.

They are all seven now, and they know

a thing or two about the life of a superhero—

it’s hard and takes teamwork. As they prepare,

Bubbles suggests they plan to stick together—

none of them wants to go it alone.

Fire Girl, Superwoman and Lunta agree.

The mission is harder than they thought.

Superwoman, though she has powers

of super speed and super strength,

also learns she is afraid

of tall grass and snakes.

Lunta, though she has powers of snow and ice,

has to ditch her shiny black dress shoes

mid-mission. She opts for pink sneakers instead.

As they face the world’s foes,

they stop to pick daisies

and strew the white petals in a pond.

They chant and sing and cast spells

and find pretty rocks by the river.

They notice damselflies and orange butterflies

and look in the willows for nests.

In an hour the job is done.

All ten of the world’s greatest foes

have been found and chastised and glitter bombed.

And now the heroes are hungry.

While eating the cake, no one

boasts that she did more work than the others.

They talk about going back to the pond

to swim and canoe, which they do.

For hours they splash and paddle and negotiate

how to share the one float toy

that everyone wants. Who could

recognize them now without

their masks and capes, these girls

who are saving the world?

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