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and let the warm water hold me.

I close my eyes and when they reopen

they are filled with clouds.

I feel no need to name the shapes

as they shift. As I watch,

the sky changes from gray to blue.

I am naked as these winter-simple cottonwoods

ringing the water, though there

is no denying it is spring—

everywhere life is preparing

great change. Buds in the willows.

A robin chatters. Sound of falling water.

Beneath what is bare, there are evergreens.

My empty hands float, and each time I inhale

my chest rises out of the water. Some time passes

before I notice the clench in my gut

has disappeared. That is the way with some things—

so impossible to ignore when they are present,

so easy to miss when they are gone.

I unfold my limbs atop the water’s surface

and open myself to the sun.

The wind ruffles whatever it touches.

I let it touch me everywhere.

To the south, the grayness gathers again.

I see it will be here soon. Scent of coming rain.

As if it were no work at all, I breathe.


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