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For though it is cold and bitter,

you raise your bright faces

and radiate loveliness—

as if to prove what is delicate

can thrive in adversity.


There is so much chill,

and sometimes I forget

I can meet bitterness with softness—

I think I, too, must learn

to speak the language of sharp.


But you, pansies, purple and yellow,

white and maroon, you remind me

that softness can be resilient,

that one small beauty

changes everything—


and if today we are able to shine,

despite cold, despite callousness,

then shamelessly, splendidly

let us shine.





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One Thing to Do With a Fist




wrap it around

a bouquet of gold and orange calendula,

now offer it to someone else—

how easily their smile

opens your hand


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For every no I said to you,
I take it back and give you
in its place a bouquet of yesses.

The room is full of bouquets,
blossoms on every surface,
a blush riot of pinks and reds and lavenders,

even here inside of me,
a whole field of wildflowers
open and nod.

Was there really so much refusal?
Oh the unfolding perfume,
it dissolves everything I thought I knew.

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I didn’t really want to send flowers, anyway.
Better to send the blue heron I was watching tonight
as it waded the river. Better to send its ungainly flight,
how it rose liltingly above the cliffs then disappeared.
Better to send the feeling that rose in me when,
like a visual echo, the great bird returned, this time
directly above me, its wings a dark silhouette in the pinking sky.
As it is, I send the silence after, silence the way the water
is silent when it has no shore to kiss. As it is, I send
silence, silent the way the lilies I thought to send
would have opened in your room, silent as their fragrance.

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March sun so warm
I almost believe those yellow flowers
are real.


Apricot trees
in first bloom, white and white,
but that is somewhere else.


I wish I had
no occasion to send tulips
to room 109.


Under microscopes
mutant cells blossom
forget me nots


She hands me
a dandelion—an hour later
gold still in my hand.


Scent of spring—
even the shadows
grow buds.

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no matter how open
the heart, the eyes can only
follow one snowflake


tonight a whole hat
is stitched out of the promise
just two more minutes


all these flowers
I’ve learned by proper name
let’s relearn by scent

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for Joi Sharp

And there they appeared,
all around me, roses,

lilies and delphiniums blue,
and even some flowers

that weren’t in season—
lilacs, azaleas

and birds of paradise,
all of them blooming,

abundant and blooming,
the air hung with sweetness,

the petals so soft,
and for a while I thought

oh! for me! my flowers!
my bouquets! Until

one by one, though reluctant
at first, and with some pouting throughout,

I was guided to give them away
and they were much

lovelier then.

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