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I love the way you ruled. I love how you rode

into battle in your white velvet dress,

knowing exactly the effect it would have.

I love that you rode into battle. I love

that you wept while you spoke. I love

that you knew that in order to win, your troops

must feel part of a whole.

Elizabeth, you were the best Elizabeth

you knew how to be. That

is what I aspire to, also—though I have no

desire to rule a country. Nor a city.

Nor a business. Not even a man.

But I still have much to learn

about ruling this woman I am.

And I love how no one could anticipate you—

you who surprised every prince, every king.

Elizabeth, I have no horse to ride,

and I will never have a castle to rent,

but you teach me the weight of armor,

and when to take it off. You teach me when

to employ all my weapons

and when to let story reign.

And when to let others do the work.

And when to give my own blood.

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