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Dear Friends,

If you live nearby, I am offering a free class for mothers this week, and a free 2-hour writing class for anyone, both at Wilkinson Public Library. (info below)

And please listen to the new Emerging Form Podcast, “When is Quitting the Best Thing to Do,” with fabulous guest Pam Houston. If you’ve ever beaten yourself up for quitting a creative project, or if you’re wondering right now if the project you’re working on is really the best fit for you, this episode is right up your alley!




Free Poetry Class on Wednesday for Mothers

Lost in Motherland: Writing to Discover Who We Are(n’t)

Wednesday, April 24

Wilkinson Public Library, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.   FREE

Motherhood changes things Amidst the blessings and the challenges, we transform. Whether your child is in utero, in diapers, in junior high, or an adult long out of the home, and chances are that things have not gone as you expected. Chances are you have frustrations, joys, disappointments, elations. This is not a class for writing about our kids, though. It’s a chance to write about yourself, to explore how mothering has informed who you are.

Mother and poet Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer leads other mothers in this practice of writing, reading and listening. What happens when we ask, “Who am I?” As Ramana Maharshi says, “The purpose of that question is not to find an answer but to dissolve the questioner.” What’s that supposed to mean? Come play.

All mothers welcome—grandmothers, step-mothers, adoptive mothers, mothers-to-be. No previous writing experience necessary. For those who have taken this workshop previously, the material will be all new.



Thursday, April 25

Writing for the Fun of It

Wilkinson Public Library, 6-8 p.m.

Telluride, CO

Join Rosemerry for this free monthly writing group. Writing is such a solitary act, but when we do it together, there’s a fabulous synergy, a juicy energetic charge. Let’s play.  Theme: Generosity. Just show up!




April 26-27

Shared Visions 2, a concert by the Ars Nova Singers

Friday, April 26,  7:30pm – Bethany Lutheran Church, 4500 E. Hampden, Cherry Hills Village

Saturday, April 27, 7:30pm – St. John’s Episcopal Church, 1419 Pine Street, Boulder

The Ars Nova Singers will be performing works by four Colorado composers. Three of the pieces selected will be set to poems written by Rosemerry. One poem was inspired by the artwork of Grace Gee Ajemian will be set to music by Jeff Nytch, another poem was inspired by the art of John Bonath and will be set to music by Paul Fowler. The third was inspired by work by Wewer Keohane and was set to music by Paul Fowler. For more info, http://www.arsnovasingers.org/

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Dear Poetry Friends,

Last week I was so thrilled and honored and humbled to be a part of the the Ars Nova Singers’ Shared Visions program, a collaboration of artists, poets, composers, a conductor and a fabulously talented choir. Here is a link to a review of the concert posted today in The Scene.

I felt so wildly lucky to be linked with artist Wewer Keohane of Carbondale, composer Paul Fowler who is chair of the music department at Naropa, and Tom Morgan, who founded and directs Ars Nova–and then all those dedicated singers.

With the performance, I felt as if I knew the poem, “Yet Another Layer,” in a wholly, holy new way. I felt, indeed, unveiled and full of wonderment and wondering. 

Why not consider a collaboration of your own–find a friend, or perhaps a stranger who will become your friend, and see what you might create together.






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What would a painting sound like? Come find out at the Ars Nova Singers presentation of Shared Visions this weekend in Denver and Boulder (I will be at the Boulder concert on April 30). They invited Colorado artists to submit work. Then poets responded. Four composers chose four poems (one was mine!–the composer for my piece is Paul Fowler, music chair at Naropa, and the artist is Wewer Keohane, an amazing artist from Carbondale). I am so excited to hear the result! I hope you’ll join me! What a fabulous, collaborative process!

You can read more about the artists, the project, the concerts, and the ticket sales here: Shared Visions

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