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Every little thing she does is magic.

—The Police



through sirens, rush hour,

taxis, bright lights, windy streets

walks the Sierra Nevada




even in poor soil,

the yarrow thrives, excels

in beauty and biathlon




running with the half-wolf—


has six legs




a democrat and a republican

walk into a bar—

just sayin’




filling sippy cups

and playing taxi driver

the woman with several masters




places for adventure:

beach, mountain, ocean,

on the page




herbs on the rooftop

and their gardener both grow better

when sung Annie’s Song




two fine medicines—

So You Think You Can Dance,

bottle of wine




fixing the internet

and home audio system—

this tropical flower




every Wednesday

a democrat and a republican

go on a date




next chapter—

unable to read ahead,

she brings a lead rope to the cliff hanger




giant sequoia—

the longer she grows,

the more she has to give

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