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They say if you catch a frog and rub its belly,
it will bring you good luck. If you plant foxgloves
in your garden, then no Evil will come.

If you dream of a fox, they say it means
a time of loneliness. And if you see a fawn in your dreams,
it symbolizes faithfulness.

If you find seeds of a blooming fern
on the shortest midsummer night, they say you’ll find
hidden treasure and have riches all your life.

And if you catch a flying fish, perhaps
it will take your line and fly you above the fig tree
and sail you across the sky.

In India, they say you can protect your home
from many kinds of harm by keeping a flamingo
as a pet inside your yard.

Now I don’t know if these things are true,
but that’s what people say. You know
how people are, how they love to tell tall tales.

But there are miracles to spare—
I promise you it’s true. Like how if you
find fiddleheads, the earth will nourish you.

And if you catch a firefly and put it in a jar,
you’ll have a way to see at night
without the moon or stars.

And if you sail in a deep fjord,
it will tell you the story of water.
And if you find a fairy, you are very lucky, daughter.

But just in case, I think we should get
a flamingo, a fawn as well. And plant foxgloves
in the Garden. And find a frog. And rub its belly.

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in honor of W-week at Mountain Sprouts Preschool

One Wednesday, I went a-walking
to make a wish on a star,
but because it was day
no stars lit my way.
so I wished on whatever I saw.

I wished on the wimpling wing
of a black bird perched on a wire.
I wished on a worm
and a wheel that turned
and a window that gaped ajar.

I wished on a white-seeded weed
that whirled on the whistling wind.
I wished on the woods
growing near where I stood
and I wished on a willow’s bend.

And I had so much fun a-walking
and looking for places to wish
that I went and forgot
the wish that I’d thought
was the most importantest.

Instead I found hundreds of wonders—
the water, the weather … Wa-hoo!
I remember! My wish
was to find happiness,
and wow, my wish came true.

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