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And again she scoops air
into her cheeks, buoys her body,
and flops face first into the water,

her limbs, unsyncopated,
thrash with joy. She is all splash
then all snort, and she wretches

and belches the water, then smiles
wide enough for three smiles,
giddy with the wonder of floating—

how just an hour ago she didn’t know
that it would be today
that she would lift

her feet from the bottom and rise
to the water’s top. I wonder

how many pools I’ve been wading in,
waist deep, not knowing
the morning will come

maybe today, when I will stumble
and find all my weight is lifted,
supported, if only I relax.

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That wind always tries
to undress me … today
it took my name, too.


It’s hard to be
serious when you’re kissing
my elbows.


What’s that? It’s only
supposed to have seventeen
syllables? But the sky today deserves at least twenty-five.


Erase the word mine
from these lips. Replace it with


Tonight the stars
are just stars, the lines that link
them all undrawn.

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