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Love Poem



in the snowstorm

finding the spaces between the flakes

where it’s clear

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After the Argument

In the room where the boy
was crying still hangs the feeling

of tears. Though he is quiet
and now asleep. Though

the tides of his wails have lulled
into the slow luff of dream.

His absent howl in the starlit room
is like the sound of the sea

in a dusty shell—not here. But the ears
hear what they want to hear.

There is a choice to notice
the silence, how it fills

the room. Not even the cat is moving.
Or to polish again the memory

of the tears. Like a canker that only
hurts when its touched, but the tongue

visits again and again to be sure.
Oh. Yes. It still hurts.

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after the fight
the evening is simple—
the dishes being washed,
the unfolding of sheets,
the laying down


what is not said:
well, I guess we are not
exactly sure what
that would be now,
are we


on the shelves
stacks of bowls, plates,
the glasses in rows—
so normal they look,
it could be any night


I don’t know
I don’t know I don’t
know I
don’t know I don’t—
geese in the pond


what do the geese
have to do with anything?
if you have to ask,
you have perhaps not lately
watched the geese


all along the path
pussy willows, white and white
and oh! so soft
I forget everything
save willows, willows

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