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Today it is enough

to pour the orange juice.

To push down the lever

on the toaster.

To feed the fish and the kids

and water the orchid

and return one call.

A woman could be buried

by all the things

she thinks she should do.

It might take her years

to crawl out from beneath that weight.

And so today

I find refuge in the fact

that I made the bed.

That I was a lap

for a cat.

That I caught a mouse

in the carrot row

and I let him go.

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One Survival

devouring the crumb trail

from beauty to beauty—

no going back

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One Up a Creek


leak in the lifeboat—

some small part of me rejoices

for this excuse

to jump into the waves

and see what these arms can do

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In the Nest

Three open

beaks, oddly

pink, bony.

Their silent

hunger pre-


Some of us

learn it is

safer to

hunger in

silence. And

some of us

learn that with

so many

mouths and so

many hearts

to feed, it

feels safer

not to list-


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