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Who said your real voice is not the choir?

—Steven Nightingale, “Who Said, Who Decided, Who”



and if you are not only the melody

but also the baseline, the harmony,

the descant, then who’s to say

you’re not also the quarter rest,

the fermata, the coda, the clef—

and perhaps you are also

the hand that wrote the score

and the woman who loved

to take that hand in her own

and wander the halls toward bed.

And perhaps you are also the rumpled

sheets, the ones that never made

it to the choir, the sheets that fell

to the floor while the notes

made their way uncomposed

into throats of the singers,

the air full of such improvisational grace

you’d swear the angel choirs

were singing, too.

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For years I have wanted to be on the faculty at the Cliff Notes Writing Conference in Boulder, Utah, and this year, my dream comes true! If you’ve not been to this tiny town in the midst of Utah’s immense splendor, it’s past time for a road trip.

I’ll be teaching with the phenomenal David Lee, Utah’s past poet laureate, and all-around amazing Author Steven Nightingale. Workshops and performances all weekend long.

For more information about the schedule, lodging, and Boulder, Utah, visit here. 

To talk with a real person about it, contact Cheryl Cox at 435-335-7550.


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