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How to Receive

tethered only
to the breeze
this strand
of floating
spider silk

it’s a swing
for the

a rope

to dance
with it
all we need
to do
is breathe

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(with thanks to Barry Spacks for the fine title)

practice 1:

Do nothing. At the moment
you feel your shoulder
pull back to strike the child
who has just hit his sister
and made her cry. In the next
moment, let the next plan rise.

practice 2:

Let the day know more
than you. Say it is raining.
Say there is a tree. Though it does
not keep you dry, there is a swing
hidden in the branches within reach.
Swing. Though you are drenched,
my god, it is fine to swing.

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Wu Wei

Love wakes up in the dark.
She does not make you waffles.
She does not light a candle.
She does not wake you
with a wild symphony of kisses.
She does not sing .
She does not paint you art.
She sits on the couch and
watches outside as the sun
does not yet give any hints
of rising. If someone were
to walk by, they might say,
this is Love? I thought
it looked different.
She does not bake your
favorite cake today,
nor your favorite bread.
She does not whisper to you. Come noon,
she does not catch you by the hand
and rush you into the middle
of the field where it’s whiter
and wider and warm. She does not
wish on any of the evening’s
glittering stars. She does not
offer you chocolates nor wine.
And all day, quietly, listening
to your heart, she deepens in her work,
which is no work at all,
who could explain it, (have you watched
the way a lily opens?)
loving you.

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