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Before she sleeps, my daughter and I

face each other on her pillow,

our heads heavy, our eyes half mast,


and in the dim light we recite

“The Owl and the Pussycat”—

the words seem to leap between


our breaths so that we can’t tell

where each other’s voice ends or starts,

and I think of the pericardium


around the heart, which the Chinese say

is a boundary place that decides

who gets in and who stays out,


and I marvel at how, for now,

on this quiet night, our hearts

seem to need not any space apart,


and after the owl and the pussycat

dance to the light of the moon, the moon,

we curl into each other’s curves


like two parentheses

on the same side of a thought,

like twin silver runsible spoons.

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