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It looked dead, the orchid.

After long extravagant glory,

the blossoms dropped quickly,

one by one. The stem shriveled,

dried. Every time I looked at it,

all I saw was what wasn’t there.

People said it would reset.

They said it needed rest,

a little bit of extra care.

But eight months later,

the plant still looked dead.


There are times we lose hope.

Times when our eyes tells us

we’re fools to believe beyond

what we see here now.

But from what seemed

like nothing, a long dark stem

appeared, lined with buds.

And what a fool I was to doubt,

to let the eyes lie to me.

Already they’ve remembered how to see

what will be. Already they remember

how to see the beauty

of exactly what is here.






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In One Move




wings cramped

in that nest of last year—


rediscovering how to fly

I leave all those twigs

exactly where they are


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And What is Left

From the beginning, the key to renewal has been the casting off of old skin.
—Mark Nepo, “The Book of Awakening”

The way to the promised land is for the me to utterly fail.
—Jeannie Zandi, Telluride, 3/29/12

I saw myself
a broken thing
crumpled, bent,
weary to crying,

small and spent
and watching as
whatever self
she thought she knew

went spilling out
and sloughing off.
It’s amazing what love
gets away with.

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