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Every day, more gold.
Every day, a sacred spilling
across the mountains, the valleys.

I have felt, before, like an aspen still green
when the surrounding trees
have transformed into radiance.

Oh, this learning to trust our own timing.
In the meantime, every day more gold.
Every day, a sacred spilling.

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snow so deep, so soft

even the me who thinks she’s not good enough

laughs, whoops, falls, rises

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Once Upon




There is a night you must travel,

alone, of course, though perhaps

there is someone asleep next to you.

The darkness knows exactly what

to say to snap every sapling of hope

that has dared to grow. It poisons

the gardens, even kills the prettier weeds.

For me, it hisses, though perhaps

you have heard a different voice.

The effect is always the same—

a self-doubt that grows up like thorns

around a fabled castle. What

you wouldn’t give for sleep.

But it is the awakeness that saves you—

the way that the doubt works

like an unforgiving mirror

and shows you all the places

that most need your attention.

It was never the fairies who bestowed the gifts,

it was doubt all along that entered

you and blessed you so that when

at last the morning came, you were

ready to rise and meet the world, ready

to be your own true love, flawed

though you are, ready to commit

more deeply to serving a story

greater than your own.


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