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In April, the Harvard

Department of Physics

issued a study suggesting

the universe will end the way

it began, with a bang. in fact,

they say, there’s likely a bubble

of true vacuum “barreling

toward us at the speed of light.”

The moment we see the bubble

will barely precede the moment

it destroys us.


And still, despite their findings,

I rise every morning in the dark

and make my children lunches.

Evenly spreading the butter

onto my daughter’s bread.

Slicing the cheese thin as hope,

just the way my son likes it.

As if making their lunches

really matters in these moments

before our demise.

Yes, I select the firmest apples.

Toast the walnuts

with maple syrup and salt

so they sing in the mouth,

both savory and sweet.

As if they will eat the food

and taste love. As if

they’re important, these

things that we do.

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If we are running out of time,

no one has told that to the avocado

which sits on the counter

hard and light green as if

not only will there be

a tomorrow, but in fact,

things might just be

much more delicious then,

so smooth, so perfect,

so ready to be shared.

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The stars will not
appear tonight.
The plums will not
release their pink plum scent
when their thick dark skin
is broken. The grass will need
not be mowed tonight,
nor the lamb’s quarters pulled
from the garden. The birds
will not require shushing
tonight as the baby needs not
be cradled to sleep. And I
shall not kiss your lips tonight,
nor straighten your rumpled collar.
And the paint on the wall
will not need repainting.
The car need not be waxed.
No one will be here
to mourn or to cheer,
or to say that it happened at all.

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I would hate
for it to be
tonight, tonight
when I am fussy
and obstinate, I would hate
for it to be the end
of the world
tonight. Thus far
the suggestion
of a potentially imminent
massive earthquake
or crashing meteor
or flood due to the
last scrap of
the ice cap melting
is not sufficient
to make me smile
just for the sake
of ending it nice.
I’m not saying
I didn’t notice
the sunset
tonight, all
pink and deep
purple and
leaking spectral light.
I’m just saying
I’m fussy. And
the world will
end. And thorny
as I am, I am hoping
it isn’t tonight.

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so pink-ly the dawn
blooms out of night as it would
if I were not here

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