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Loneliness is still time spent with the world.

—Ocean Vuong



It would be easier if loneliness would come to me

like the angel that wrestled with Jacob,


if it would slip by night into my tent

and rip me out of slumber,


force me to be awake and alone, but

there is no room in my tent.


I have already invited the circus.

We stay up all night and dance,


me and the tigers and fire breathers.

We practice swallowing swords


and how to best stitch

new feather headdresses


and red-sequined capes. All night

the ringmaster announces


the next act and the next, and

though my eyes would droop


and my body would sleep

and my heart would have time


for mourning, I force my dimming self

to clap as the clowns yet again


climb out of their tiny car

with their garish grins—


how could there be so many of them?

with their horns and their tricks


and umbrellas and balls—

so many clowns that loneliness


has no chance to slip into this place

where I entertain endless acts that prevent


me from wrestling, from asking,

please, to be blessed.



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