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Those boys who jumped you at the dance—

I want the chance

to find them now

and ask them how

they feel about themselves as men.

But then again,

perhaps it would

feel twice as good

to sit them in a row and read

them poems, see

them squirm to Poe—

then let them go.

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It’s clearly out of my control,
that mixing bowl,
the one I use
for breads, for mousse,
’cause now it’s full, no, not with fudge—
with mud and sludge
out in the yard.
My girl’s been hard
at work: “Look Mom,” she says, “It’s jam!”
Control be damned.
No need to curse.
My bowl is hers.

*This is a special form called a Minute … a slice of life with 60 syllables with an couplet rhyme scheme and stanzas of 4/2/2/2 iambs

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