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We were 10-year-old girls

huddled around the book

that Stacia’s mother had given to her,

and we read in chorus the names of the body parts,

penis, vagina, labia, testicles,

the words tasted like foreign food on our tongues—

so strange they made us giggle—

and there was something else,

a pull in my belly, a breathlessness

inside my voice

as I read out loud for the others

all about how the act was done.

There was nothing in the book

about love or even the violet crush

of lust. Just the facts about

how the bodies fit and the science

of what might happen then

when the sperm fertilized the egg.

The authors did not mention

how diamonds might explode

through your toes, did not mention

gasping or humming or moans—

no, mostly we wondered why

anyone would ever want

to do what they showed

on page 29, that page we

couldn’t quite stop

our hands from returning to

so we could stare

at those bodies

so impossibly joined

again, again.


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