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One Urgency



waking to the strangled song

of geese, they insist

now is no time to be asleep

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at first light

the sound of geese

enters my sleep

between heartbeats


perhaps it’s stubborn

to call it music, perhaps

we all long for the world

to sing us awake

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those wild geese
edging the clouds, my thoughts fly
beyond their wings


just one more row
I think, and knit one more and think
just one more row


the night pressed
its darkness into me, what
could I do but open


these ears
go on a long walk looking
for bird song


while no one’s watching
I trade all my molecules
with the night


did someone sow
all those stars, or did someone
trip and spill the bag


walking at two below
both questions and answers
come out as clouds

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