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Michelangelo wrote his love

forty-eight funeral epigrams—

not one of them brought back

the shoulders like chiseled marble,

the purr of his voice, his lips raw silk

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So Thirsty

If you follow a bee,

my friend says, it will lead you

to water. Suddenly

I have never been

so thirsty. I have spent

too much time living

close to the water

without drinking.

I have spent too many hours

not following bees.

I have my excuses—

all the ways I like

to appear busy-ish—

but they all have the same

stale scent excuses always have.

In the tombs of Egypt,

they found honey,

perfectly preserved.

Some things keep.

I look at my dry hands.

Some things have only

so much time.

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What the Spring Said

You can’t tell tulips
to unbloom,

you can’t unsing
last evening’s tune,

the shadow can’t undark
the moon,

you can’t unlove,
unbreathe, unswoon,

but wishes can be
ever wished

new bridges can be
ever crossed

so many kisses
still to kiss

before you unlive
unlaugh, dust.

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every day the right day
to smell the lily as if
never again

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young girls in pink
tutus—it’s hard to believe
we’re all dying


anti-aging conference?
we argue and research
how to stay young,
meanwhile, on our shelves
drums and flutes gather dust

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despite the wind,
hail, chill,
it blossoms now
oh yellow rose
made of my heart

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