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One Eventual Path

so long I dreamt of a key—
now it crumbles to dust
this old cage around my heart

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I couldn’t believe

she tossed me

into the back of the car—

after all, a key

is an important thing.

But toss me she did.


You should have seen

her face when all

the car doors locked,

me sitting there

on the back seat


That can’t happen,

she said. But it did.

That can’t happen,

she repeated,

as if her words

might change the world.


But everyone knows

words won’t open

a locked door.

That can’t happen!

She’s still ranting,

walking circles

around the locked car.


What’s done is done.

How many innocent choices

have pitiless consequences?


Tossing a key. Not

washing your hands.

Not saying I love you

when given the chance.






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Six Invitations

walk into the wall
walk into the wall, walk in
to the wall, walk into
the wall, walk into the oh,
there’s a door


key after key
after three-hundred-sixty-
six keys that do not
fit the keyhole I find
the door’s unlocked


stepping through the door
to find
another door


who built
all these doorways


something about
a doorway—it seems to want
to be walked through


or is it the walker
who does the wanting,
already I feel
it rising me

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When I feel lonely, my first thought is that you hold the key to my loneliness. … In the end, seeking only brings us to the edge of knowing ourselves.
—Mark Nepo, The Book of Awakening, November 10

Here it is not,
the key I was looking for,
here where I knocked
on beautiful doors,
and ornate doors, and grand
doors, and ancient doors, and
safe doors, and hidden
doors and doors of November.
But here it is,
so close I could hardly
step without walking into it,
this door that has
no lock, no key,
this door
with my own name
on it.

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