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General Admission

Today I walk through the house
as if it is the museum of my life,
a temporary exhibit.
I notice the flower bouquet made of Legos,
the upright studio black lacquer piano,
a life-size cardboard cutout of Queen Elizabeth
wearing a fetching amethyst dress,
a matching hat and short white gloves.
At least a dozen paintings and sculptures of nudes.
So many skeins of unknit yarn.
A bottle of oud perfume.
And so many books. The imaginary docent
suggests not all the titles have been read,
but all the books are fiercely loved.
I notice there’s not an interpretive panel
explaining the candles on the counter,
but I know they are there to be lit
each time someone shares
the wounds of their heart.
It’s strange to see my existence
as a collection of artifacts
displayed amongst the artifacts
of my husband, daughter and son.
How interconnected they are.
I notice all the stories they don’t tell,
notice all the secrets they don’t share,
notice what objects can never convey.
I wander the rooms, growing more
and more curious about what can’t be known.
I vow to keep living into that.

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Come play! January 22 in Telluride, Colorado, at the Ah Haa School

A drawing and poetry class with Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer and Meredith Nemirov

Everyone has a “cherished object,” perhaps one from childhood that elicits memories from times past, or perhaps something more recently purchased that brings joy and pleasure. In this class, we’ll explore them and see what they have to teach us. It’s part of a long tradition: Poets write odes—consider that famous Grecian urn or Pablo Neruda’s socks. And artists practice the still life—Giorgio Morandi spent a lifetime painting one group of vases!

For a day, give yourself over to the inner magic of things (“no ideas but in things” said William Carlos Williams). Join poet Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer and artist Meredith Nemirov to explore the objects of your world.

Bring a couple of objects you like. Bring any drawing tools you enjoy working with—pens, pencils, charcoal, etc. Bring a sketch book about 11” x 15.” Class will break for an hour for lunch.


January 22, Ah Haa School, Tellruide, CO

10 a.m. to 4 p.m.


to register, visit Ah Haa or call 970-728-3886.



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