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Years later I wake in the night and remember

the way he banged on my bedroom door.

He was drunk and he begged me to let him in.


I was in my dorm room bed, and my best friend

was visiting. The interruption angered her

and she hissed in the dark, Don’t you dare.


I told him to go away. He didn’t.

He pounded and begged and shouted.

Please, he said, before I heard him crumple


at the base of the door where I believe

he fell asleep. By morning, he was gone.

It wasn’t only my door I had closed,


it was my heart. I didn’t understand then

that I was too frightened to let him in.

I didn’t comprehend how our fear


makes us small. Years later, I want

to open the door. I want to meet him

before the drunken night and tell him, I hear you.


I want to thank him for bringing me his heart.

I want to tell myself, You are capable

of sharing difficult feelings. I want


to write a new night and walk with him

through the dark, the only pounding

our fragile hearts.

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