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Sitting in the rain

in the dark

with three good tires

I think of Confucius,

who, when arrested

by accident didn’t fuss,

rather sat in his cell for five days

playing lute until his story

untangled and he

was set free.

It is dry in the car,

and though the radio works,

I do not turn it on.

I never learned

to play lute,

but sense that perhaps

I am being played, what

with this long neck,

with my deep round back,

with my body still learning

to open.

The rain keeps

inconsistent time

on the windshield.

It is not deliberately

that the world

throws rocks

in the road.

Or is it?

The dark is only

the dark.

I feel a lessening

of the tension,

a tuning,

and who is it

that pulls

the strings.

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