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To increase her appeal, Aphrodite ate beets.

I consider this as I rub the beets with oil


and wrap them in foil and slide them

into the oven to roast. They pulled out


of the garden soil so easily, round and red

and heavy with sugar. It’s not that I believe


the old stories, but I wonder if they perhaps

believe in me and guide my hands as I slice


the warm beets and drizzle dark coils

of thick balsamic vinegar. My hands


move with desire that is mine

and not mine. My lips turn increasingly


crimson, a crimson that cannot be washed away,

essence of the earth, extravagant with myth.







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One New Garden




beneath the cottonwood

three snakes unbraid as I pass—

I offer them my apple


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So Eve said to the snake,
I don’t really like fruit,
and the snake said to Eve
that the story would sound
much better down the line
with an apple instead
of a forbidden parsnip.
No one craves parsnips anyway,
he hissed. No one would believe
in the centuries to come
that a woman would risk everything
for a root. He was the kind
of snake that knew
what a difference
the right symbol can make.
Nope, said Eve, I’m just
not into apples. So
the snake did what any
snake would do, he
offered her what she
wanted, a parsnip,
with cream-colored flesh
and cream-colored skin,
and she bit
as he knew she would do,
but then he lied about it all,
said she’d eaten the apple.
It was better this way,
this lie so small, just one
tiny seed inside a much
greater garden.

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