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Easter Eve




On the table, a letter to the Easter Bunny—

the girl has written it in blue pen

thanking him for the joy he brings.


Beside the letter, two baskets

filled with empty plastic eggs.

So much inside wants to be filled. Or so


we believe. Tomorrow morning,

the baskets will be for a moment empty,

the eggs, hidden, ridiculous with candy.


Oh the things we use to stave the void!

There is beauty in barrenness—

just outside the window, the world


is trying to prove it, the field no longer

steeped in snow, yet not yet verdant

and green. And still it’s lovely, a stark,


splendor. though perhaps we need

to recalibrate to see.

Every Easter, she writes, I wake up


soooooooooo excited to find the eggs.

I think of the field, how it takes

no belief for it to fill, for it to burgeon.


And still it is no less magic. I think

of the girl, her joy in giving the Easter Bunny

her most beautiful egg, how she’s learning


the art of emptying. I hope you like it, she writes.

I tell her, I think the Easter Bunny

will cry, tears leaving my eyes, not sure


if I feel more empty, more full.






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Easter Magic




There were years

when the Easter Bunny

set out a wrench and a flashlight

beside the baskets—remember,

brother, the pleasure we took

in the hiding and finding

long after the years of believing

in magic were over?

Eggs we floated in plastic bags

in the backs of the toilet.

Eggs duct taped to the inside

of the chimney flue. Eggs

in the vents, inside the piano,

we delighted in what a bit of invention

could do. Tonight I walked out

of the house after dinner

to take the recycling up to the road,

and there, to the west, an outpouring

of light made me stop and stare

and inwardly, sweetly erode.

In a world so bent, I sometimes forget

that the magic is always

inside us. We have all the tools

that we need. All we need to do

is keep trying to find it.




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