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On the Edge of Cold



They will say it is impossible,

but I want to give you things

they say no one can keep—

the scent on the trail

this morning, a golden smell,

and the amber light inside it.

Or the pause before the dance

commences. Or the moment

when falling becomes flying.


I want to give you elusive things—

the moon in the river, the way

the sunset turns the whole world

to rose, the feeling that love

not only is possible, it’s as

inevitable as blinking, as

unavoidable as noon.


It is not too late. In fact,

already we are here.




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I want to toss golden leaves
at your feet, golden leaves
on your shoulders, golden leaves
in your opening hands. Gold in the wheat,
gold in the field, I want to spill
the rich amber into your thoughts. And this scent
of the world as it changes, this deep
sweet dusk of earth perfume,
I want to swirl it in eddies around you,
everywhere you walk. The luminous
red hue of the berry bush outside my window,
the bush I always notice but cannot name,
I want to give you the morning light
that gathers in its branches and makes
scarlet worship along the edges of the leaves.
The edges, love, that’s where
the meaning gathers. Like the Mandelbrot set or
the Koch Curve, what appears
to be a limited space or line contains
an infinite pattern that unfolds and unfolds
and unfolds. A never-ending story in finite time,
a boundary we can walk forever.
Perhaps love is like the edge of a leaf,
a fractal, beautiful in its immeasurable
breaking and endless remaking, beauty
far beyond what we see. But I digress.
I was giving you gold, remember,
and the loamy bouquet of change, and
and the ecstasy of sun in autumn,
and here, while we’re at it, the sky.

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