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When, in ancient Persia, the farmers
began to selectively breed wild carrots
to make them sweeter and minimize the woody core,
they could not have imagined how,
over two thousand years later,
a woman on another continent
would harvest hundreds and hundreds of carrots
on a late October day and,
as she pulled the long orange roots
from the near-frozen earth,
she would thank those farmers for their work.
Such a miracle of sweetness, the carrot—
so brittle, so high in sugar,
such a shocking brilliant orange.
And yet not a miracle.
The story of the carrot is like so many stories—
it is a testament to many hands over centuries
shaped it into what it is today.
I look at these hands of mine as they tug the rosettes,
as they scrape the loose dirt, as they trim.
What will they sow? What will they select?
What legacy of change will they leave?  

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Broken Greens

pulling the carrots

these old hands still learning

how not to rush

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Pulling Carrots

From the top I
can’t tell if the
carrot below
will be straight
or spiraled, stubby
or long, but I like
to guess, and I’m
usually wrong.
And I do not
mind it at all
being wrong,
in fact I love
the surprise.
I tell myself,
wouldn’t it
be something
if I could be
so wrong
with you.

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