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Dear Rachel




It’s so curious what we choose to frame.

You could, I am sure, with your art degree, explain

to me how aesthetics change. And why.

But I have too much dirt and dust in my home

to want an image of dirt and dust on my wall.

And I don’t relate to women in gowns

parting floral drifts with a white parasol.


I remember the first time I went to your home

and saw in your hall a painting—just one color, red,

you had painted it yourself—and I recall

how easy I found it to stare and stare and get lost

inside. So much of the world is black and white.


On my walls, it’s mostly nudes.

It never seemed strange until my children

asked why there were so many naked women

in our home. I didn’t know what to say

to make it okay. I said, “Because they are beautiful.”


If I could, I would frame the laughter

you left on my answering machine

and hang that on my wall. Or frame

how warm the sun was when we went for a walk.

Or frame the taste of peaches, the scent

of wood smoke and poems in our hair, the easy

silence we sometimes share.


But I would frame, too, the mornings

we speak of our children and weep.

And I’d frame our hurt and our fear

and the nights we’ve fallen apart.

So perhaps that’s not so different

from framing dust and dirt. And those

two women strolling in the sun,

on second thought, they look familiar.


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