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And I am again a girl

riding in the front seat

on the school field trip

while the cool kids

bounce around in the back

and We Are the Champions

comes on the radio. I

can only make out the chorus,

and only bits of that,

but when they sing

“No time for losers,” I

am sure they’re speaking of me,

and I wonder what it would

be like to be a champion

of the world.


Forty years later, I

am, perhaps, a champion

for the world. I believe in

kindness, in blossoming

out of brokenness, in

the resilience hardwired

into our bodies, our

brains, our hearts. I

believe in the power

of a song to change

the way we see ourselves.

I believe that when Freddie

sang We, he meant all of us,

my friends, all of us

the champions, rising together,

fighting till the end.

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