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What we do now echoes into eternity.

            —Marcus Aurelius

If what we do now echoes into eternity,
then let there be more mornings such as this one
in which my mother wakes me by singing
a thin thread of melody
that praises the beauty of the day.
By breakfast, I feel the small reverberations
of her joy as they ricochet in me
chiming against loss and fear,
an unabashed gladness that rings
against the holy ribs,
that spirals inside the aortal caves,
that peals through the chasms of the hours.
By afternoon, it’s coruscating, resonating,
a bit of aural shine against the day’s ache,
helping me meet the world just
a bit more brightly.
Just think, after an eternity, how much
beauty might have come from one
simple tune sung by one open heart
willing to sing for one moment what is true.

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You are the glacier
and you the flood
and you the ceaseless wind.

You are the drip,
the drip that drip drops
and you the river’s hands.

And I’m the moraine
the canyon, the delta
and I am the one who wears

the howl of you, touch of you
carve of you, brush of you
long after you’ve disappeared.

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